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Meet the Team

Michael with a Chook

Michael Webster

Dog Trainer





Dogs, Dogs, Dogs and did I mention Dogs!

Hi, I’m Michael, one of our directors and our head dog trainer.

I first became involved with dog training after being involved in rescue and finding that there was a big gap in achievable rehabilitation for first time dog owners.

Since becoming a dog trainer, I have taken on a variety of roles, including providing lectures on Dog Training and Behaviour, running Group Classes for Dog Owners, and running my own private business. 

Through my private business I provide consulting services to help owners with overcoming training hurdles to improve their relationship with their dogs and offering shadow programs for new dog trainers.

In addition to this, I have also been heavily involved in assisting rescue groups in the past, and enjoy occasionally entering multiple disciplines with my dogs.

I am also a big advocate for considering the entire picture to help dogs enjoy their best life possible. This includes diet, biological fulfilment, appropriate outlets, exercise, communication systems and boundaries.

I strongly believe that dogs thrive with appropriate guidance creating a more harmonious lifestyle.

At home, I live with 2 rescue dogs, a Great Dane Connor and a Golden Retriever Archie, in addition I also have 2 purpose bred dogs, another Golden Retriever Arnie and a Rottweiler Zaza.


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