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Meet the Team

Ray with Sirius

Ray McLean-Leeson

Dog Trainer

Sirius giving his best smile


Ollie and Willow performing tricks

Willow and Ollie

Dogs are supreme

Hi I’m Ray, one of the directors of All Day Dogs.

Like many other trainers, my interest in dog training began from working with my own problem dog. Learning how to motivate a dog and understanding the biological needs of dogs to help them succeed has opened up a whole world for me.

I have been involved in dog rescue, group obedience classes, one on one training and dog walking.

Prior to opening All Day Dogs, I was running a dog walking, pet minding, dog training business in Warragul.

I am very passionate about scent work and anything to do with dogs noses, and compete with my dogs in this sport.

Like Maddie and Michael, I am alsol a big advocate for considering a holistic approach to ensuring dogs have the best life.

At home I live with my two rescue dogs Ollie the Kelpie x Mastiff, Willow the Staffy mix and our Working Line German Shepherd Sirius.

I can’t wait to meet you and your dogs.

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