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Companies we LOVE and TRUST

Over the years, we have come to like certain dog products and companies that make them.
Here are some of those that we support & recommend.

Group class options!

Group classes are a brilliant way to continue your journey working with your dogs. We understand time and distance are obvious factors.

K9 Resolutions is a local Pet Lifestyle Training Club we work with closely at All Day Dogs. 

Owned and managed by our great friend Kaye Frost, they provide a above and beyond approach for owning and living with your canine companion. At K9 Res, training goes BEYOND a simple sit or drop, and instead works on building a strong relationship with your dog where they are taught to understand HOW to behave without being told what to do. Michael also works as one of the senior Trainers at K9 Resolutions so will be able to catch up with him there on Saturdays as well!

Visit their website or find them on Facebook.

Dog Training Equipment

Various training equipment, such as leashes and collars, which doesn’t have to be mundane.

K9 Kwip is our supplier for all our training equipment. Why? Because whilst we are fussy about our fashion, the functionality of equipment is of the utmost importance. K9-Kwip is locally made which is another bonus, we LOVE supporting other small businesses.

Leashes, collars, long lines, training equipment – they’ve got it all!

Head over to their website to have a look at their range, or you can order through us and we will do the hard work for you!

Find them on Facebook.


Various food supplements that help boost your dog’s overall health.

Canine Ceuticals is run by an accredited Clinical Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist, Narelle Cooke.

Narelle has been an integral part of Michaels programs for behaviour rehabilitation by outlining how your dogs well-being affects their mental state and behaviours. The whole team at All Day Dogs use these products with their personal dogs, and will vouch for its efficacy. Head over to Narelle’s website and check out her range, or head down to our facility to purchase stock!

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