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Puppy School

All Day Dogs Puppy School

A perfect start to the training journey with you and your dog.

At All Day Dogs we are passionate about a well rounded holistically trained pup, which is why we are introducing our 4 week puppy school program. This program serves to help you bond with, and start the training journey with your new puppy!

Getting a new puppy is an exciting but also a extremely important time. You can generally expect to pick up your pup between 8-10 weeks old. This time is an integral time for puppies to be safely exposed to the world, as they are in what we refer to as a

critical socialisation period

What Does This Mean

This is a time where your puppy is forming a “blueprint” about how they perceive life’s experiences. This is quite literally applied to SO many area’s, experiences and environmental stimuli. This goes so far beyond teaching simple cue’s such as “Sit, down, paw, shake” etc. These commands can be taught later, instead with puppies we should be focusing on much more important life skills

We must focus on these important life skills of a puppy during their critical socialisation period.

  • How to be comfortable being handled, by you and strangers
  • Meeting new people
  • Walking nicely on the leash
  • House Training
  • Independence Training
  • Strange experiences, surfaces, smells, people, dogs etc
  • Learning HOW TO and HOW NOT TO meet new dogs and people
  • Being groomed and having nails clipped
  • Coming back when called (recall training)
  • Food manners and controlling resources

Focusing on the above will reduce or remove the possibility of things such as:

  • Leash Reactivity
  • Separation anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Over arousal
  • Reluctance to be handled
  • Becoming fearful
  • Resource guarding

What We Do

At All Day Dogs, our puppy school is run by highly experienced and Qualified Dog Trainers to ensure you get getting off on the right start.

Over the 4 week course, you will be immersed in dog training demonstrations, experiences and support through a dedicate private group on Facebook to support you through your puppies critical period.

Setting yourself to have an enjoyable 10+ years with your canine companion, rather than spend that time working through issues. It is far easier to train and avoid issues, than addressing them down the track.

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri : 06:30 – 18:30
Saturday : Snoozing with our dogs
Sunday : Playing with our dogs

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