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Your Dogs Deserve

to be a dog

At All Day Dogs we believe in a holistic approach to your pooch’s overall well-being, biological fulfilment and enrichment. We are based in Dandenong South and open from 06:30 AM until 06:30 PM for your convenience.

Best Daycare For Your Dog

Dog Daycare is a fantastic way to give your dog the mental and physical stimulation they crave while you are away from home. It can help with socialisation, prevent unwanted behavioural problems at home, teach your dog how to read and interact with other dogs and is just flat out a good time for them.

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Day Board and Train

Sometimes it is too hard to find the time to ensure our dogs receive a great education with our busy lifestyles. Our day board and train programs can be catered to meet your required dog training needs.

Generously sized pens

We have 2 pens for all our dogs. We match your dog with other dogs with the same play style and size to determine which pen they would be suited in.

Many hours of daily-play

During their stay, pooches will enjoy a lot of socialisation time with other dogs.


New Pricing


Casual Daycare

First Visit

Required Assessment
$ 99 per day
  • New Dog Introduction
  • First Day Assessment
  • Safety Checks

1 Day

Random Single Day Booking
$ 55 per day
  • Ad-hoc bookings only
  • Current Dogs Only
  • Safety Checks

Bulk Packages

5 Pack

Multi-day discounted package
$ 270 Any 5 Days
  • Pre-pay for any 5 days
Most Popular

10 Pack

Multi-day discounted package
$ 520 Any 10 Days
  • Pre-pay for any 10 days

15 Pack

Multi-day discounted package
$ 750 Any 15 Days
  • Pre-pay for any 15 days

Daycare Regulars

For those that can’t afford the upfront costs of a bulk pack but have set days/regular schedule for daycare!
This is for a set recurring booking only.

  • 2 set days a week $54/day

    For any 2 set days every week

  • 3 set days a week $52/day

    For any 3 set days every week

  • 4 set days a week $50/day

    For any 4 set days every week

  • "Super Regular" MVD 5 days a week $48/day

    For the whole week every week (does not include weekends)

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